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The agritourism Piperedda has a dining hall of 80 seats.

The cuisine is attentive to the genuineness of the products and local tradition, so you can taste the typical dishes of the area starting with cold cooked meats as ham, sausage, “coppa” (cured neck of pork), bacon and vegetables in oil; to continue with pasta dishes (malloreddos, pane frattau, gulurgiones ...) and then with the piglet (porcheddu) and spit-roasted lamb or sheep in "coat", to conclude with the tasty and sweet "seatas".
Clearly all accompanied by inevitable cannonau wine, carefully and attentively homemade as good local tradition want to be.

When you eat ... YOU EAT! We don't talk!
Agriturismo Piperedda
Azienda agrituristica Piperedda
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